A month full of Joy, experience and Education. A confident from Light Academy Kampala of 22 students and two Turkish teachers had its way to Turkey a country that shares the beauty of both Asia and Europe.

The snow and the climate was also an experience to many since it is not common in our tropic countries back in Africa. This group also toured over five cities including the magnificent and organize Istanbul capital city of Turkey. Students and the teachers too visited some Turkish homes share traditional experience were shared. The food “Adana Kebab” this kept our boys happy and smiling all throughout. This is a life time experience Yes, it is! One boy had this say when they met with some of the LA old students studying in Turkey. Light Academy is a true experience, we love you Turkish light Academy, this is the massage that was carried home by the boys from the old boys in Turkey.

With such experiences we will be able to discover the infinite light and at one time we will have an impact in our society.