INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT OLYMPIAD 8TH /MAY/2014 VENUE: ISTANBUL (TURKEY) FATIH (KOLEGI) The fourteenth edition of the international Environment Olympiad held in turkey Istanbul. Light Academy was in attendance and fully participated in the Olympiad. We presented a scientific project PLASTIC TARMAC.


The competition covered environmental chemistry in which forty five countries participated with 105 projects presented. Our students, Omar Ibrahim Ahmed and Nadiope Wilson under Mr. Mustapha Kont their supervisor participated in the Olympiad. The competition aims were to create awareness and dialogue of diverse scientific experiences from multicultural corners of the world. This was to expand scientific continental approach to worldwide integration and advancement. We made short trips to some historical sites of Turkey on our flight trip to Istanbul we made a stopover in Dubai and while in turkey had an experience of tasting the wide variety of good Turkish foods. As a group we were awarded special Jury certificates for participation, Light Academy looks forward to the future international Olympiad competitions and hope in the coming years.

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