INESPO is an International Environment Sustainability Project Olympiad that takes place annually in Netherlands. This year it was scheduled from 31st MAY – 5th June 2015 in Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands, were 48 countries and the host participated, Uganda inclusive. This Olympiad brings together very many countries, students and teachers (supervisors) all over the world.


Students prepare projects in the fields of Environnement, Energy, Engineering, and Bio-engineering. During the event on the Olympiad exposition days the participants must be able to explain, defend and represent their project both in theory and in practice, and if necessary, participants can use audiovisual support. Light Academy on behalf of Uganda sent four students with two projects i.e. Wairagala Alvin S.2 & Ahmed Ali S.2 presented a project on making briquettes from plant wastes, and Kabuusu Mark S.2 & Muhanguzi Samuel S.3 presented a project on mosquito control with juvenile hormone, with One teacher (Mr. Maido Fred) as a team supervisor. This is the first time Uganda has participated in this highly competitive and technological advanced Olympiad. It is upon this background that the school would like to inform you that our participants got encouragement medals for each of their projects, a great step that we can build on as we try to give different opportunities to our students. Therefore LA would like to thank all teachers, students, parents and all stake holders for the good work done, and call upon you to continue supporting us as we “Discover the Infinite light”. As a school we shall strive for the best since we are defined by the best.


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