LA hosted its fifteenth Annual Careers day on Sunday, the 28th of September 2014. Our presenters presented a wide range of experiences; some knew what they wanted to do when they were in high school while others had made major changes in the due course of their careers. Among these were:

  • Head master Mr. AhmetOmeroglu
  • Director of Studies Mr. KasumbaAbud
  • Mr. Ozcan from Galaxy International School
  • Mr. Karegyeya Justus from Academic registrars Department Makerere University

Other school Administrators Present included the Deputy Headmasters and Administrators.Class teachers were in charge of issuing the Mock Results to Parents.

Other important officials from Universities in Uganda also attended the Careers day. The headmaster, Mr. AhmetOmeroglu thanked the visitors and Parents for loving the school. In his speech, he was so resolute towards the progress of the school and went ahead to explain about the schools contribution in sponsoring students.

Finally was the grand dinner where there was overall feasting. He reminded the audience about open Bursaries for students all over Ugandan Schools who will have scored:

  • PLE; Aggregate 4 -5 a full Bursary, Aggregate 6 half Bursary for S.1 Admissions.
  • UCE; Aggregate 8 -9 Full Bursary, 10 -11 Half Bursary and 12 -13 Quarter Bursary for S.5 Admissions 2015

All the presenters engaged our candidates in a wide range of interactive discussions. And indeed this day gave them the opportunity to explore possible career paths by providing an insight into specific requirements, daily responsibilities and extra ordinary experiences associated with each career.Candidates later had the opportunity to ask questions.

The audience was very attentive and after the presentations many parents and students were thankful to the school administration for the good work that had been done. Volunteer parents who would wish to participate in the Career Development Program at LA in 2015 were requested to complete the Parent Resource Forms and return them to Class teachers for proper planning next year.


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