Light academy was the only school in Uganda which attended the 6th Edition of the golden climate which took place at Light Academy School, Karen , Nairobi Kenya on Thursday 28th April 2016
There were about 400 participants from over 34 different countries all over the world that had come to participate in the 6th edition of the Golden Climate and like the previous years, this was just going to be another extravaganza of innovation creativity from the different minds all over to world to try and conserve our only mother ‘’the earth”
On Saturday 30th April 2016, the exhibition started with the opening ceremony and soon the presentations began. Light Academy had two projects which were;
1.    Charcoal production from animal droppings
The projects were presented by the following boys:
Walugembe Abdu Rahim
Mastiko Jeremiah
Mbabali Malcom Kazibwe
2.    Recycling of plastics to make tiles
The projects were presented by the following boys:
Ruyondo Daniel
Kizza Ryan
Mutumba Anthony
Musoke Joel
All our boys managed to get bronze medals.
On Sunday the following day, all the 400 participants, together with our very own boys gathered at the Nairobi national park to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of God’s wonderful creations.


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