It was a refulgent Sunday that the school saw parents flock in to attend the parents meeting. At exactly 2:00pm, most parents had arrived at the school. The administrators took an initiative to tour the parents around the school, this brought smiles and praises from the parents to the school. Since whatever they saw was in line with quality education and their sons’ well-being.

At exactly 3:00pm the meeting began and we had addresses from the Headmaster, the Director of Studies and a well-motivated speaker by the names of Mr. Semakula. The Headmaster thanked the parents and also promised a clear progress of the school. Mr. Semakula lectured about quality education through thanking the parents and tasking them to act as a link between them and the school.

So the day ended in a joyful way since the parents had time to interact with the class teachers of their sons and a simple snack was served to them.

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