?Did you know about #Autism?
Autism spectrum disorder (#ASD)
?Well, #LAHelpingHandsClub visited the Dorna Center for Autism in Ntinda and showed some #love for these intelligent children, with developmental disabilities. They were extremely #happy, despite their difficulty with social communication, different ways of learning, e.t.c.
?Among the famous autistic in history include; Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, William Butler Yeats, and other living legends, hence the club #president Nsubuga S.6 #Sciences concludes, that most of the great inventors are or were autistic.
Also, the club patron Mr. Sendagire (shabib@lightacademy.ac.ug) says, “we all have some autistic behaviors”.
?We appreciate the #LAcommunity for all the support towards such #humanity duties. Indeed, a #life lived for others is worthwhile. May God bless you all. #lightacademy #a_different_approach_to_education