The S.3 and S.5 careers day started at 11:00Am to 2:00Pm on Sunday 6th April, 2014 at LA Dinning hall.

In the struggle to boost Academic performance of our students, selection of higher institutions must be one of the challenges in the life of secondary school students.

For that reason, it was crucial for us to provide guidance and counseling in order to support students and help them improve their attitudes, make them aware of the situations out there so that they make informed choices for their career.

Students were advised to take courses that are desirable in the country and in the global Job Market.

This was a good orientation to the S.3 and S.5.

The following where the areas of emphasis:

1. Choice of Tertiary institutions / university

2. Other Career Opportunities after S.4 and S.6 Other than S.5 and University respectively.

3. Weighting system for PUJAB and JAB

Presenters were

1. Mr. Conan Businge a Journalist from the Vision group.

2. Mr. Mustafa Kont Deputy Headmaster

3. Mr. Kasumba Abud Director of studies LA.

4. Mr. Rajab Noah Disciplinary master

5. Mr. Maido Fred Assistant Dos ‘O’ level.

6. Mr. Kasujja Ahmed Class Teacher S.3.

7. Md. Awori Catherine Class Teacher S.5.

As a school we believe that this will be important towards the development of our students academically..


Kasumba Abud

Director of Studies

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