As usual Light Academy held its termly visitation day on 12th October. Chilly as it was, parents began flocking in as early as 9:00 am in order to have a glimpse on their sons’ academic performance. By around 9:30 am all class teachers were stationed in different rooms ready to receive the parents.

The headmaster, deputies were also stationed in their offices in order to preempt any worry or uprising that would come from the visitors. At the class teachers stations, parents were presented with their sons’ holiday work marks and beginning of term marks. A situation of teacher student and parent relationship was created and a clear triangle could easily be seen since all parties were present.

At around 2:00 pm the whole compound was covered by parents and students.This made it hard for anyone to have easy access to any premise of the school. Teachers had time to share with parents both academic and disciplinary matters of their sons, since the main aim of this is to produce upright future leaders in our society.

By around6:00 pm the day came to an end


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