Our overriding aim is to enable learners to achieve a holistic learning experience and excellent grades.

The Boarding section has served Light Academy for 8 years and still stands as a strong as Hercules. The complex is embedded with quality pair beds, lockers, Dstv for students, standard water tanks and power backup batteries to avail power in case electricity vanishes.

I dream of a Boarding complex that is glamorous as a palace – relaxing, spick and span, unique in its homely warmth. A student quotes.

“When I set a foot in the two rectangular hostel section of Light Academy, I see excellence at play. I am instantly inspired and challenged to maintain the good standards and to create an even more conducive environment to make it a home away from home.”

Light Academy Secondary was founded as a day & boarding school and has remained so throughout its history. The boarding community currently numbers approximately 500 boys and some members of staff live in the school premises. The school therefore operates on boarding lines, with an extended day and week, for the benefit of both boarding and day pupils alike. Our dormitories consist of 5 blocks in a Complex Structure with rooms of capacity 14-16 students which provide a peaceful, secure, comfortable, pleasant and hygienic atmosphere. To ensure the most convenient and comfortable dorm life for our students, all our rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. In all of our dormitories we have study rooms, table tennis, TV rooms available and weekend movie hours.

Boarding is an integral part of life at Light Academy. The buildings, located within the school compound, are sufficiently furnished. Boarders at Light Academy enjoy an excellent standard of accommodation, readily available educational and sporting facilities and the chance to enjoy all the opportunities of school life to the full. Perhaps the most important of these opportunities is the time spent building friendships which will hopefully endure throughout the Students’ years at the Light Academy and their lives beyond it.